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Monika Kasprzyk.

I help women live life on their terms.  1-1 coaching @ £40 per session.
If you are fed up with constantly fulfilling other people’s expectations and neglecting your own needs; not having clear boundaries and never feeling important.
If you would like to reconnect with your true self: the woman that is full of self-love and self-respect. 
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Stephanie Chivers

I am all about getting you results.

1-1 Coaching for - 


Creating a life you love.

Mindset and accountability.

Changing your relationship with alcohol and or drugs.

1hr £125, 6hrs £597, intensive package £2000.

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Amie Tighe

Contact Amie for nutrition and fitness support.

As a qualified Health & Nutrition advisor I am passionate about helping people feel their best and have learnt so much that I want to share with you to motivate you to take better care of yourself inside and out too.

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