Stop Drinking and Start living Plus.

Support, accountability, teaching and sharing.

Small group working together to change your relationship with alcohol.  We are all about getting you results.

What is it?

Lifetime access to the online coaching programme Stop Drinking and Start Living.  This is a proven process, proven techniques.

  • How to reduce, take a break or stop drinking alcohol.
  • What you need to put in place to help you.
  • Figure out what is important to you, what motivates you.
  • How to focus on new good habits.
  • Learn about your emotions and get off the roller coaster.
  • How to enjoy life without alcohol.

The extra sauce is the live weekly accountability group video calls. We will rotate the times and days for these throughout the month. There will be a weekday eve 6.00pm- 8.00pm starts, a weekend 5pm Uk time, to accommodate the group. 

Group calls will be 1hr.

The learning and the sharing in the live group is priceless.  With a bit of teaching and support in there for good measure.

Access to a secret FB group for daily support.

What you will get.

Better sleep, improved confidence, better relationships, an easier life.  No hangovers, no anxiety, maybe some weight loss.

Knowing you are taking steps to improve your health and life.

We will tackle things like, how to reduce, take a break, how to change your mindset, change your habits, cravings, triggers, self care, thoughts, emotions, so it all feels achievable.

We will break it down for you,  super practical and easy for anyone to understand and apply.

We are all about getting you results so you can live a happy, healthy life. 

 "highly recommend the accountability group organised by Stephanie. The information provided in the on-line coaching programme is detailed whilst been easily understandable and thought provoking. In addition the on line group, weekly video group chats and reading matter have given me an understanding of the process needed to overcome the obstacles in trying to reduce/stop. I had never before spoken about my alcohol abuse. Stephanie has given me the confidence to participate in the group fully, she always answers questions/queries quickly and fully, always supportive and has never made me feel foolish. In addition, the group offers supportive relationship building in a trusting environment. Joining this group is the best thing I’ve done in many years."

£29 a month, this is a monthly subscription.

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email with instructions to join the online coaching programme, the FB group and then the group calls.

The online coaching programme is available via an app as well.






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