10 tips for surviving the festive season.

Its that time of year again.

Christmas can be a real test for those of us that have given up something or are struggling to gain control. Or maybe you’re someone that struggles to regulate your intake of anything.

Depending on what your poison is will depend on how difficult this festive season might be.

Alcohol is probably the top one, it’s pretty much everywhere anyway, but something happens at Christmas that seems to make alcohol multiply like I have never seen before or is it just me!!

Food and sugar is another hard one, the whole thing is about food. What is it that happens to an office on the run up to Christmas it seem to turn into a junk food feeding ground, pastries, cakes, chocolate you name it its available in the bucket load.

So what can you do if you are alcohol free, attempting moderation or even just want to be healthy. 

Here are my 10 tips for surviving the festive season.

1. Remember there are no rules you don’t have to fit in with everyone else. So this might sound a bit selfful but sometimes we need to really put ourselves first. If doing something you don’t want to do is going to cause problems for your health and life, then really is it worth it?

2. Plan ahead, choose where you want to go and with whom. Don’t try and cram too much in, when we get tired everything becomes a lot harder.  This also means planning what you want to drink, there are so many great alcohol free alternative now.  Check out these websites for info an alcohol free drinks https://joinclubsoda.com/category/drinks/#  and Dry Drinker has loads to choose from https://drydrinker.com/

3. Drink lots of water, all ways a good plan, particularly if you are a drinker. Our body and brain needs water to function at its best, when we are practicing healthy habits we feel better which makes life easier.

4. Eat as much healthy food as possible, in between the baddies. Fruit veg nuts, real food.

5. Exercise, fresh air is good, go for a walk, even a swim, anything. Moving and fresh air is really good for our emotional health.

6. Try and keep to some of your routines that work for you so it’s easier to get back on track. If you let go completely it can be really hard to gain control in the New Year. I remember one year it took me until April to gain control of my Christmas eating.

7. If you do drink alcohol, drink a lower %, Bucks fizz is great it’s only 4% so you won’t get drunk on it. Volunteer to be the driver so you aren’t drinking every time you go out and make sure you have alcohol free days.

8. If you are going to be on your own on Christmas day volunteer for a charity, there are lots of great charities that need help and people will be so grateful. It feels good to help people.

9. If you really can’t cope – work, go on holiday, do what you have to do to look after yourself.

10. And most importantly try and laugh!! Don’t take things so seriously, it is only a few days after all.

If you need support to learn how to stop drinking then message me.

Or if thats a bit forward check out my Free ebook

See you in 2021



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