Women Who Dont Drink.

Our Story.

Women who dont drink was a free FB community, supporting women to make changes to their alcohol use.  Wether that meant reduce, take a break or stop.

A huge group of women, from different walks of life, with different goals, with one common aim, to make alcohol insignificant.

This grew into, online coaching programmes, group support, 1-1 coaching, a book, some amazing volunteer mentors, retreats, day events, training and collaborations.

The ethos behind WWDD is women supporting women.

Check out the coaching section for coaches/practitioners who can support you to make changes to your drinking.

There is an online, video coaching programme and accountability group.

We do have a mentor programme, however we have a waiting list at the mo, while we source more funding.

There are loads of blogs as well, for a quick read.

We are a group of women, who have walked the path, who have successfully changed our relationship with alcohol.  We know what it takes and we want you to know how great it feels when alcohol isnt a thing.

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