Dealing with Anxiety and Uncertainty.

A few words about anxiety and uncertainty.

Here is the thing, there are no guarantees in life.

Well I can guarantee that how you are feeling now will change, because everything changes. Like the weather, you can wake up feeling sad and then by the end of the day, feel good. The same way you can wake up and its sunny, then it will be raining by the afternoon.

There is so much that we dont know, or cant predict, we need to make peace with uncertainty.

If your thoughts are running away with you, please remember this, you are not your thoughts.
Your thoughts are just a small part of your human machine, like your heart beating, your blood pumping, lungs breathing, eyes seeing and so on.

Most of your thoughts are not real, or helpful.
Treat them like back seat drivers, tell them to shut up.

If you take a moment to imagine that your thoughts are another person, lets give them a name. What would you say if that person kept speaking to you, in the same way your thoughts do?

You would have a serious word with them, "are you ok" " how can I help you" or you would ignore them and want to have nothing to do with them.  Loud, incessant, negative and complainy, no one wants that friend.

Listen in to your thoughts, are they helpful?
Is it fact?

If not, let them go, ignore them, turn the sound down, change your thoughts, shift focus.

Breathe, focus on your breath, nice deep, breaths.

You can learn how to do this, you are a learning machine, so learn how to ignore or change your thoughts, it will make a big difference to how you feel.

Its also useful to remember there are things you can control, like your thoughts, how you react, how you feel, your perspective, your values, beliefs, what books you read, what you watch, what you consume, how you live your life, what your day looks like, routine and structure, how much exercise you do, how honest you are, who your friends are, what type of food you eat, how kind you are, how often you smile, how much you appreciate the things you have.  And I am sure there is so much more.

Alcohol and/or cocaine will not help with this.  Alcohol and cocaine will exacerbate and increase any anxiety and depression.  They will both impact on your ability to get good quality sleep, which in turn impacts on your emotional health.

If loud, negative, intrusive thoughts and or anxiety are an issue for you, one of the first things you can do is take a break from alcohol and/or cocaine.

Usually what happens is after a few weeks, people feel better, the thoughts are easier to manage, the anxiety lessens, sleep improves.

If you need some support with this, please message me.




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