How to Look and Feel Great When You Are Older.

alcohol Jun 27, 2017

Some of us are bothered by the way we look.  I know we shouldn’t be, but we are. Let’s be real about it.  I am not talking about looking like a Barbie doll or some weird plastic caricature of yourself. I am talking about growing old gracefully, feeling comfortable in your own skin, in a Susan Sarandon type of way.

Because let’s be honest, if we feel good, life feels better, easier, we are more confident and it improves all areas of our life.

If you know me, you know I really don’t mind where you get your motivation from to be healthy and happy.  It’s your motivation after all not mine.  I just want you to live the best life you can, have choices.

Feeling healthy and happy is a big part of that.

So, if you are motivated by how you look and that helps drive your decisions about what you’re eating, your exercise and lifestyle then, great go for it, because it wont harm you.  Making healthy choices that is.

One of the biggest things you can do when you get to a certain age 40 – 45 plus is cut back on the booze.  Even earlier if you can, well 35 to 40 really.

Particularly us ladies, it really affects us. Our skin, our weight, our emotions, sleep. Well, everything really.

How does alcohol age us:

·         Skin is the body’s largest organ and alcohol dehydrates all your systems a lot, so your skin is going to take a big hit.   As we get older we have less fluid in our systems anyway, we don’t need any more help with dehydration.  As if that wasn’t enough the excess sugars in our drinks will also damage the collagen in our skin which we need for strength and elasticity.

·         Alcohol can make our face and our body look bloated and puffy, particularly if you drink regularly.

·         Redness, puffiness, spots, dry skin, our skin just generally looking a bit old and worn out, are all symptoms of your drinking, whether that’s a regular daily tipple or the weekend binge.

·         Alcohol really effects our sleep.  Most people think that alcohol aids sleep, well it does initially as it relaxes you but later it alters the quality of your sleep as your body works hard to process the alcohol.   We need good quality sleep, it helps us to refresh and rest ready for each day.

·         As we get older our tolerance to alcohol lowers, basically this means as we age it affects us more.

·         The organs that metabolise alcohol such as the stomach and liver shrink as we get older so alcohol stays in your system for longer.

·         Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the bags under the eyes.

Check out more facts here on how alcohol ages you Drinkaware facts and how alcohol affects your appearance


I guarantee you 100% that if you take some time off the booze you will look better and feel healthier as well as saving money on alcohol and anti-aging products if you use that sort of thing.

Imagine what you could do with that extra money?

I have seen people just take 30 days off and look so much healthier, their skin, eyes, they are glowing.  Can you imagine how good that would feel?

If you can’t imagine a life without alcohol (seriously we need to talk).  Then think of it as taking a break. A holiday to give your skin, body and brain a break and see if it improves.  The longer you can take a break the better.  A week isn’t really going to cut it and if that’s all you can manage (seriously we need to talk!!) then do the week, but then maybe slow down as well. 

A month would be great to be able to see and feel the difference. You will be surprised how quickly you start to see an improvement.

Less alcohol, or none for a bit if you can and more water.

If you are considering taking a break why not join us in our Ladies only closed Facebook group.  It’s for women who want to change their relationship with alcohol.  Seriously this is one of the best things I do.  The group is so supportive.  Women supporting women to be healthy and happy, doesn’t get any better than that.  Click the link to join Ladies only Facebook group .







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