My number one top tip.

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I recently I asked my audience what can I help you with the most?

The biggest thing you want is more top tips for quitting.

I know I go on about booze a lot, for so many reasons, but essentially these tips can be translated for any substance that is causing you a problem in your life today.

I have many favourites as you know.

Eat healthy foods, don’t drink or take drugs, exercise, sleep, spend time with the people you love, laugh, be in nature.  You know all the simple things that we know work.  Fundamentals I call them.  Get your basics in place.

If you have trouble getting your basics in please work with a suitably experienced and qualified coach.  Seriously it will really help and save you so much time.

Are you ready, drum roll………

My number 1 tip for when you take a break, or stop using anything is get out there and do something different.

I mean it really.

I know it’s tough when you first stop and the last thing you want to do is meet and be with new people that don’t drink or use.

But it’s so important.  Number 1 important.

You take something out, you must put something in.  It’s the balance of life.

It doesn’t have to be straight away. But in the first 3 months.

The rules for doing something different are,

·         Try things you have always wanted to do, but never had the time, or are too scared.

·         It must be things that do not revolve around drugs and alcohol.

·         If you don’t know what you love doing, you have no idea.  Just make a list.  There are endless websites with ideas on, there is even a book "101 things to do when you are not drinking" I haven’t read it but I have heard its useful.  Sit somewhere quite and just make a list of all the things people do that don’t revolve around drugs and alcohol.  Then circle at least 5 things that appeal to you.  Make sure they are things you can do relatively easily.  You don’t want to pick something that takes years of planning and £1000’s of pounds.  Accessible and achievable are the key words here.

·         Here are some examples of things people have had on their list, pot holing, kayaking, horse riding, learn a language, travel, run a marathon, set up a business, volunteer, racing cars, swimming, join a gym, evening classes, dance classes, martial arts, rock climbing, dragon racing, learn yoga, have a massage, pedicure, learn to ski, save the world. The list is endless.

·         Keep going, keep trying until you have something you like doing.  You may not feel that instant OMG this is the thing I have been looking for all my life feeling.  But after a while it may creep up on you and you realise OMG this is the thing I have been looking for.

Give yourself a year. What we are looking for is at least 1 thing you can do that you love, that you feel passionate about.  If you have more, great even better.

Doesn’t matter if you start drinking again occasionally.  What happens here is you have something that you do that doesn’t involve your vice.  With people, maybe even make friends with people where the relationship doesn’t revolve around drink or drugs.

It shifts your focus.  It diverts you.  It’s a mindset thing.  It can be the thing that makes the difference.  Rather than spending all your time focusing on what you can’t do, where you can’t go, with people who maybe aren’t that supportive or good for you.  You learn something, you step out of your comfort zone, you meet new people, maybe even find your passion.

Tell me what’s on your list?

Stephanie Chivers is a habit, addiction specialist.  She has worked with 1000’s of people and been on her own journey and wants to share with you what works so you can live a happy healthy life.

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