Pieces of Wisdom – from those that have been there.

Top tips from others on how to live a happy healthy life, free from bad habits and addictions.

Most of my learning comes from working with and listening to thousands of people.  Yes, I have read the research and the books and taken part in a lot of training.  But nothing really compares to working with and listening to people that have done it.

People who have stopped and reduced: their drinking, their partying or their drug use and have changed their lives.  It doesn’t have to be people that have come back from the dead.  Everyone I have worked with has a story.  These are people from all walks of life: rich, poor, old, young. Getting into trouble with booze, drugs, food or gambling doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care if you work, whether you have money or where you come from.  It can effect anyone and everyone.

Here is a collection of some of my favourite little pieces of wisdom from those that have been there and are still doing it. Living a healthy, happy life:


 “Distance yourself from the environments in which you would be around any bad temptations. “


“Any thing in recovery is better than nothing. You are still closer to achieving your goal than you were before. Do not let one slip up break all your hard work. You are doing so well just put it behind you and keep going. Depending on circumstance. I got told when I had a setback to use it as a good thing- as it showed me how bad it used to make me feel, and the behaviour that I used to do... and reminded me that I didn't want to slip back into that pattern again. This was then a good anchor to avoid repeating the behaviour to avoid the unwanted feelings/outcome (I hope this makes sense) “


“Reach out to others with your struggles, you will know you are not alone. “


“Keep a journal or team up with an accountability partner “.


“See it as a complete lifestyle change. Buy into it fully. Feel the success and visualise it. “


“Keep telling yourself that it's easy, you can do this. The basic things in life that you need to survive are food and water. Don't let that little monster inside you try and convince you otherwise. Be strong and believe in yourself- your loved ones do!”


“You have to want to do it, I don't think it works when imposed. “


“Keep trying and don't give up “.


“See yourself as someone who doesn't do what it is you are trying to change. I.e. - Why would I smoke, I'm a non-smoker. Make every step, a step towards your goal as often as you can. “


“Things do get better, sometimes you just have to hang in there and wait.”


“Change a little tiny bit at a time so as not to get overwhelmed. “


“Trust that time will reveal a favourable outcome in your life. Just take that first step on the journey of change.”


“Take one day at a time”.


“Never, ever, touch one bite, one drink or one puff ever again.”


“When you feel the need to do whatever it is, give yourself 10 minutes to consider the pros and cons. If that is hard to do on your own, arrange for a friend to talk to on the phone.”


“Think about what you get out of the thing you want to stop doing and meet that need another way.”


“It's in the mind. Be strong and be patient.”


“Change your way of thinking. You need a new set of eyes, ears and thought process. It is largely learnt behaviour and therefore can be unlearnt “.




“Find the root cause of what troubles you and thus pushes you to addiction.”


“Take it slowly. One win at a time.”


“That a craving is evidence of the habit you are trying to break - and that therefore what you are doing is necessary and worthwhile. A craving is evidence of you beating it. It is evidence of the habit trying to maintain itself and losing.... “


“Just do it, take action and then keep going, learn what works for you. Build a life you love.”


Thanks to everyone that contributed and I know that you continue to contribute by supporting others on their journey for a healthier life.

Stephanie Chivers is a habit/addiction specialist.  Check out her other blogs and on line self help programmes on https://www.ichange21.com/ .  Author of “There is No Magic Button” There is no magic button amazon




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