Pleasure alternatives

You’ve just got that promotion at work…. POP goes the champagne. Handed in your dissertation……you ROLL that spliff. You make it through that dreaded meeting…..TEAR open the chocolate.

Celebration and reward is a big part of first world living. It is all well and good and we encourage you to celebrate and reward at any opportunity. But; the problem is that many of us do so with substances that can be addictive and cause harm to the body. I expect many of us have been in the situation where a reward has turned into a binge event, or turned into a damaging habit.

Rewarding with things that are harmful to the body is deeply entrenched in our culture. I have fond memories of my mum buying me sugar laced flavoured milk whenever I “did good” as a child. It happens everywhere all the time, so much that you don’t question it anymore. We challenge you to question it. Start thinking about how you reward and celebrate things in your life. Notice what you notice. Start replacing the trash with healthy alternatives where you can. There seems to be an unwritten rule that if something is bad for you it is far more pleasurable than something that doesn’t harm you at all. We don’t subscribe to this. There are many things we can do that are good for us, healthy things you could reward and celebrate with such as:

  • Have a massage, get a treatment, facial, reflexology.
  • Watch a film, listen to music.
  • Go out dancing, yes you can dance without the aid of drugs or alcohol!
  • Take a bath, relax.
  • Book that holiday!
  • Take a yoga class.
  • Meet up with friends, laugh, have fun.

What alternatives could you use? 

Do you need help to stop drinking, taking drugs?  If so message me.





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