Stepping Over Your Shit

life May 22, 2019

Ok, let’s talk about belief.

Do you believe in yourself?

Its not a question we get asked very often, or even ask ourselves.

We have all seen this quote: “If you believe you can, you can”. But do you?

Self-belief comes up in my 1-1 coaching quite a bit. Whether we are working on reducing the drugs or alcohol, getting the dream job, or just living a life on your terms. Do you believe you can? Is it possible for you?

Do you believe that anything is possible? When I ask this, I usually get back, “Well yes for other people I can see that, but not for me.”

Here is the thing, we are all human beings. If you can find one person that has done what you want to do, with a similar background then, if they can, you can.

That doesn’t mean it will come easy, sometimes we have to apply ourselves, learn, persist, review, ask for help, find a good teacher, do the work etc.

But we can learn anything right? If we apply ourselves. You have learnt how to walk, how to read, write, how to parent, be in relationships, do your job, whatever it is. When we stop to think about it, we have learnt so much, its amazing.

Please take a moment to think about, even better, write it out, all the things you have learnt how to do.

How to drive, how to use a computer, how to use social media, how to cook. The list is endless.

So, we have that one clear, yes, we can learn anything. If we apply ourselves.

Sometimes we have to really work at it, invest time, energy, pay for teachers etc. Maybe it takes way longer than you think it will take, maybe at some point you embrace that we are always learning.

The first thing I want you to do is take this on board, you are a learning machine, you have learnt so much and you can learn anything if you choose to put the time and effort in.

This is such a great mindset to have.

Next, think about what it is, you are working towards. What are you working on at the mo? What’s your goal? Let’s start with one thing.

Say its learning to drive and passing your test.

Maybe its running a marathon.

Maybe its getting fit.

Training for a new job.

Dating, meeting a life partner.

Being alcohol free.

Ok next, write it out: what is stopping you from achieving what you want?

For instance, with learning to drive, maybe you have a limiting belief that you will fail.

With running a marathon, maybe you think you can’t do it, you are full of self-doubt.

Dating. Maybe you think you need to lose weight, wait until you have more money or no one will fancy me.

Anyway, you know how this goes. Let’s get clear on what is stopping you. YOU. Maybe its limiting beliefs, self-doubt, negative self-speak, whatever it is, its probably something to do with you, stopping you from moving forward and taking action.

Once you know what is stopping you, you need to do a piece of work on stepping over this and letting it go.

You can step over your shit. You can let it go or change limiting beliefs. You can change your perspective and your mindset.

All these things are possible, I know because I have done the work myself and have supported lots of people to do the same. That doesn’t mean I am perfect, not at all, it means I can step over my shit (once I have seen it that is).

If there is something you are working on or a goal you are working towards and its not quite working, please consider working with a good coach or master practitioner of NLP.

If you are interested in working with me on this, I am currently taking people for my: 7 month, 7 sessions, 7 ladies, Live, life coaching programme. Click the link for more info: 7 month life coaching programme.

Alternatively contact me for a chat. [email protected]

Stephanie Chivers is a Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP with 14 years personal and professional experience of teaching people how to make changes in their life. Find out more about her here:



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