The Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking.

alcohol peoples stories Nov 03, 2017

I have had the privileged of working with many people.  Supporting, teaching and guiding them to ditch the booze. If you are asking yourself "should I stop drinking?" thinking about the effects of alcohol and the advantages and disadvantages of drinking is a good place to start.

This is a blog written by one of my clients who I helped to stop drinking. 

Have a read and see what you think and maybe think about what your list would look like?

Advantages of drinking: (for me)
Pleasurable, I enjoy the taste.
World seems nicer, blurry, softer.
Fit in with other people doing the same.
Makes me sociable, more friendly.
Able to watch rubbish TV.
Partner looks more attractive.
Care less what others think.
Problems seem smaller.

Disadvantages of drinking, and the effects of alcohol:
Not present, blurred memories of happy occasions.
Lack of respect from others.
Loss of reputation.
Figure to poke fun at.
Lack of self respect.
Shame and Guilt.
Weight gain, bloatedness.
Long term health implications.
Financial.  Wine costs!
Loss of time due to being 'out of it' or battling hangover.
Plus many more I can't think of.

Advantages of not drinking:
No hangovers and no more nasty effects of alcohol
Present in the moment, sharp memories.
Weight loss (fingers crossed).
Huge gain in time (whole weekends extra).
Improved health prospects.
Money saved.
More respect from others.
Improved relationships with others.
See things very clearly as they really are.
More energy.
New hobbies and interests.

Disadvantages of Not Drinking:
Having to be fully present, seeing things as they really are.
Attitude of some other people who resent the new you.
Unlearning years of conditioning.
Wanting to go home hours before other people  ;-)

Interesting that I find being fully present both an advantage and a disadvantage of being sober.

By Marion.

Stephanie Chivers is a behaviour and addiction specialist who has supported 1000s of people to change their relationships with drugs and alcohol

If you are wondering should I stop drinking and are looking for support, take a look at my coaching options and contact me today.

You can also check out my book There is No Magic Button if you are ready to take a break from your drinking. 


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