When Did You Last Take a Trip to Treatsville?

alcohol habit life Aug 22, 2017

When you stop drinking or take a break from booze, if you are not careful it can feel like you are depriving yourself.

This is not the point.

I know for some, there will be a period of time when you may need to just stay away from the action and get your head down.  That’s ok for a few weeks, well even a few months if it’s been a big issue.  In fact, if it’s a big issue. You know, a big health scare, serious depression, anxiety, affected relationship or criminal record. I would advise that you do stay away from alcohol altogether for as long as possible.

That’s doesn’t mean you can’t have treats though, reward yourself.

This is so important.

The “I have had a hard day with the kids, a hard day at work, I need a drink” feeling. I deserve it I have worked hard, this Is for me. You know the type of thinking.

You’ve taken the booze away so what are you going to do instead.

If you don’t put anything else in, trust me, you are going to get pissed off and reach for the bottle.

Now the important thing here is that it needs to be a range of things.  Things that feel like a treat, a reward, special or a celebration to you.  What works for me, may not work for you.  It’s all about how it feels, it has to hit the treatsville spot.

The idea is that you have at least 5 things ranging from easily accessible to the biggy.

You need the easily accessible because you need things you can access daily if you need to.

They don’t have to cost money either.  Though if you think about it, the money you are saving on alcohol can be used for some treats.  Yes, it can.  I know I have had this conversation with many women who can give me every reason under the sun why she can’t have that massage, her nails done or buy the sexy pants.  When I ask her how much money she used to spend on a night out, or on her weekly shopping bill with wine, it’s just silly.

Whether you think this applies to you or not, do this now.

Take 5 minutes and write a list of 5 things that you feel like a treat, special or a reward for you.

The idea is it’s good for you.  So not chocolate cake every day, although it’s not the end of the world if it gets you off the booze, it’s easier to wean yourself off of chocolate cake.

Just watch the sugar reward. We have that one hard wired and don’t need any extra help with it.

So, if you can, nothing sugary on your list.

Although I do love a glass of elderflower presse and it feels like a treat.

Here are some examples:

·       Go to bed and watch a film this feels like the ultimate luxury to me.  No interruptions obviously.

·       Lying on a beach and listening to the waves.

·       Walking in your favourite place.

·       Swimming.

·       Getting your nails done.

·       A facial.

·       Massage.

·       Anything pampery.

·       Going out to your favourite restaurant and having dinner with a friend.

·       Go to the cinema.

·       Picnic in your favourite place.

·       Lazy afternoon having sex.

·       Holiday.

·       New outfit, shoe or trainers. Etc.

·       People watching in a coffee shop.

There are so many things you can do.

If you struggle with this, you are unable to be nice to yourself or do something nice for you, then please seek professional help it will really help on your journey ask me at https://www.ichange21.com/

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Ladies if you want to take a break from your drinking come and join us in the Women that dont drink closed group.  Loads of support and motivation.









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