Stop Drinking and Start Living.

Are you ready to reduce or stop drinking?

But not sure how to do it.

This self learning, online coaching programme will teach you how.  Everything you need to know for your first few months and onwards. 

The how to of changing your relationship with alcohol.

Also available in an app, so it's super easy to access the videos.

  • Practical, actionable tips.
  • Reduce your drinking safely.
  • No hangovers.
  • Less anxiety.
  • Make alcohol insignificant.
  • No white knuckling, learn how to make positive changes.

Are you fed up with the hangovers, anxiety, waking up at 3am, mind racing, not being able to get back to sleep.  Worrying about what you have said, done.  Fed up of thinking about alcohol, feeling crap and giving yourself a hard time.

Would you like to drink less, have alcohol free days. No hangovers,  stop thinking about alcohol?

You want to feel healthier, happier, sleep better, have more energy, more money, more time and enjoy life, feel better about yourself, then this self learning programme was built for you. 

In this coaching programme I will share with you tips and techniques, that work. 

This is a proven process, proven techniques.

  • It takes 5-10 mins a day, doesnt matter how busy you are, you can do it.
  • Its all about learning and you are a learning machine, so yes you can do this.
  • This will save you time, by learning from what works for 1000's of people.
  • You get lifetime access (well as long as the platform is running) so you can do this programme as many times as you like.  It's the repetition of the good stuff that works.


This is what people say who have done the coaching programme - 

"I have so many more sober days thanks to you.  I realised recently that I keep saying to people "Stephanie says" and its all good advice.  It reminds me of "Simon says " but wayyyy better!!"

"I completed the programme. Really liked how gentle it doing extremely well now. There are programmes out there much much more expensive. This one was just the ticket for me."

"I entirely recommend this coaching programme and Stephanie to help with working through issues and patterns of behaviour and it has really helped me to change things about my life that i felt were holding me back."

It's £47 one off payment.

You get instant access when you sign up, I will also send you an email, with the instructions on how to set up the app, it's super easy.  You might need to check your junk folder.

Then just watch or listen to a video a day.

Make it a habit, listen, watch, do the tasks.

Its 5 weeks worth of videos, everything I want you to know for your first few months and more of changing your relationship with alcohol.

I guarantee that if you watch, listen, take the actions this will work.

Sounds too good to be true right and also super cheap so it can't be that good.

Well it is, I havn't just changed my relationship with alcohol myself, I have taught 1000's of people to do it, I know this works.  It's based on best practice.

It's affordable, because well it's important to me, that the good stuff gets out there and helps you make changes.  I want this to reach as many people as possible, no barriers.

So yes it's a steal, do it, make changes, tell people.

Sign up now to get instant access.

FAQ - 

  • What is it? It's a 5 week, self learning video coaching programme that you can watch or listen to.  You can access it online via the website, or download the app.  The videos are 5-10 mins long.
  • Do I have to do it everyday? No you don't, you can learn at your own pace and do it in your own time, but the more regularly you listen, watch, the better the results.
  • How long do I have access? For as long as I am running the platform.  It's been live for 5 years and there are no plans for me to stop running it.
  • Can I do this if I am not techy?  Yes of course, we have never not been able to get someone access to the programme online or via the app.  Both are super easy to access.
  • What if I want to speak to a person?  You can ask questions in the programme or comment, you can email me, my email is on my website, you can contact me via the contact me page on the website, FB messenger.
  • What if I need more support? As above you can message me, I do free consultations and I provide 1-1 coaching.  However if money is an issue I can give you info about free options in your area.
  • Can I do this if I live outside of the UK?  Yes lots of my clients and customers live outside of the uk.  The programme is in English.
  • Do you give refunds? Yes I do, however if you have consumed most of the programme I probably wont.  I am fair and reasonable. 





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