Women who dont drink.

Helping women, make alcohol insignificant in their lives.

Community interest company.


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Benefits of working with us.

Benefit One

Clarity, know your own mind.  No more confusion, being a slave to your emotions.  

Benefit Two

Improved wellbeing, less anxiety, less stress.  Better sleep, all of these things add up to feeling better, physically and emotionally.

Benefit Three

No more thinking about alcohol. Seriously who wants to spend their time thinking about a drug.  Make alcohol insignificant.  You are important, not alcohol.

"Lost 3 stone, gained vast amounts of confidence, raises the bar very high with my self esteem, left my job and embarking on a new career, ran a marathon, been on an Nlp course, changed my outlook on life from negative to positive. Help & support people with their drinking through this site. Improved my relationships with my husband, kids and friends. Got through the death of my father with grace. Turned my tiredness around and these days I am hardly ever tired."


How we can help you.

Stop Drinking and Start Living.

Step by step self learning video course,
that will teach you how to live a happy healthy life.

Now available via an app.

Pay what you can afford £10 minimum.

Up to £50.


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Accountability group

Weekly live group coaching calls.

FB live recaps.

Guest experts.

Small secret FB group.

Oh and bags of accountability.

£29 pcm

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Personalized coaching packages

1-1 coaching that fits with you and your life.

Check out our coaches.

From £55 a session.

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We are all about getting you results.  A group of women who are passionate about teaching people how to change their relationship with alcohol. We want you to make an informed choice, to live a happy healthy life.  Its not about a number of days, its about a mindset shift.

WWDD is a Community Interest Company.  This means we can accept donations and funding to help support our mission. To provide good quality affordable, sometimes free support to any woman that wants to drink less or be alcohol free.

Donations and funding go towards free coaching programmes and the mentor support programme.

You can click the donate button here to make a donation or contact us.


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