Alcohol and Sex Don’t Mix.

alcohol alcohol and sex Apr 23, 2019

I have no idea why it has taken me so long to write a blog on alcohol and sex. They are two of my favourite subjects to talk about, not together of course.

I spent a bit of time with a female friend recently and we got talking about sex, like you do.  So many of her sexual experiences involved alcohol, which left her with an uncomfortable feeling. Questioning her experiences. Did she really want to have sex with that person? Was she really consenting? It all felt a little, rushed, sloppy and forced.  Add to that the usual anxiety, guilt, shame and questioning: “what did I do and say last night?” etc. You know those awful flashbacks you get where you think OMG, did I really swing from the chandelier? It’s a recipe for disaster.

That got me thinking, how many of us have had unsatisfactory sexual, intimate encounters because we have drunk too much?

I like to think I have quite a good attitude to sex. I am open minded, confident, happy to play and experiment,...

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