Hooray for a Study that is Factual and Makes Sense.

alcohol facts Apr 19, 2018

 The day has finally come where we have a report that reflects what I have been seeing for quite some time.  I teach people how to stop drinking and I ran a very successful alcohol service for years so have had the privilege of working with some great researchers and trainers.

I know that alcohol is an issue, I have seen it, I also know it doesn’t take that much alcohol for there to be a problem.

However, for years now we have had this ridiculous thing where at least half of the information we have in the media and from some professionals, is incorrect. Like a cardiologist telling you it's ok for you to drink moderately after a heart attack.  Or your mental health worker telling you moderate drinking is ok if you have anxiety and depression and my all-time personal fave a midwife telling you it's ok to drink whilst pregnant.

There have been so many problems with this. First let's take the word moderate. This means different things to different people.  Then...

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