Top tips for dating without alcohol.

Yes, it is possible.  Trust me - I do it pretty much 99% of the time.

This can be one of the biggest worries for people when they decide to take a break, or even stop, drinking.

You’ve made the decision you want to stop drinking, you’ve had enough of the hangovers, feeling sick and tired, spending too much money. Whatever the reason, you are clear you are ready.

That’s great. You feel able to deal with work colleagues, even with your friends and family.

But you are single and you want to meet someone.  Feeling great, with your new healthy hangover- free life and ready to start dating.

Most people go on a first date in a bar and order an alcoholic drink.  There are so many reasons why we do this.  Habit, its just what you always do when you are on a date, you are in a bar, you are so nervous its ridiculous, there are lots of reasons.

If you have a drink you relax, but sometimes you drink the first drink too fast, then have another one and drink a...

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