What to Drink When You Are Not Drinking, part 2.

alcohol free drinks May 07, 2018

We recently had the Ladies only Retreat, which by the way was amazing.  Like minded women, supporting each other to live the life of their dreams, what could be better.

The Lovely Dry Drinker sent us a box of different alcohol-free drinks to try.  Personally, I don’t know a lot about different alcohol-free drinks, when I started out, it was lime and soda all the way, or water.  But now it’s a very different story and Dry drinker seems to have great selection and something for everyone.

Now I know the 0.5% drinks cause a bit of controversy, but here is the thing, there can be 0.5% alcohol in orange juice, in a banana, its in Kombucha.  But its horses for courses, your body, your choice, if it doesn’t work for you, then don’t do it.  However, my experience is finding a good alcohol-free drink can really work for some people.

This is what the amazing Women Who Don’t Drink said about some of the drinks that dry drinker sent us,...

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What to Drink When You Are Not Drinking.

alcohol free drinks Jul 19, 2017

Or Alcohol free grown up drinks as I call them.

For the first time ever I am quite excited about the range of alcohol free drinks on offer.

Maybe they have been there all the time and it’s just me living in a cave in Devon.  But it seems like the world is getting the idea.

Some of us don’t want to drink alcohol, well actually more of us all the time.  How exciting is that.

But as we know, the range of alcohol free drinks has been a little bit poor , even terrible if you are not sugar mad.  Let’s face it pretty much all soft drinks are very sugary.  Which I am not a fan of.  After a while your mouth gets a bit furry.

I hear rumours though that some of these aren’t too sweet and taste like they may be suitable for grown-ups.

Purchasing them in your local supermarket may still be an issue.  But the fact that they are there means someone has thought about us, it’s a step in the right direction. And we can buy it off the...

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