How to Stop Worrying about Worrying. Tips for Anxiety

alcohol anxiety life Jul 12, 2018

Anxiety is something that comes up quite a bit in my line of work. Not for me personally. Well, obviously I experience some anxiety from time to time, because I am a human being. But it’s not debilitating or an issue for me.

It comes up in my groups and 1-1 coaching.

If anxiety is an issue, where alcohol and drugs are concerned; the first thing to do is to deal with the substance. Most drugs are going to make this worse and alcohol is no different.  A side effect of drinking alcohol is anxiety. We can also experience anxiety after drinking and if we withdraw from alcohol.

For the majority of people when they take a break from alcohol the anxiety will significantly reduce.  For some it will still be there.  But there are things you can to do to help. Don’t give up, try things and get yourself a tool box of stuff that works. Things that either give you a break from the anxiety or help you manage it.  Anxiety takes up a lot of energy and can be really...

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