Top Tips for Reducing Your Drinking

You have reached a point where you just don’t want to drink all the time.  You want to get a grip on it.

You feel rough. You’ve lost your sparkle. Put on some extra weight. You feel a bit low. Life is a struggle.

Are you fed up with the hangovers? Those embarrassing days after when you try and figure out what you said or did?

It’s become a habit, a bad habit.

There could be many reasons why you are ready to just take a break.

You don’t need to have thought any further than that.


Here’s the good news, it’s good to take a break, not in a Rachel and Ross kind of way.  But in an I care about myself and my health kind of way.

Alcohol is a toxin a poison, same as if you were eating McDonald’s everyday or a big bag of sweets.  At some point, there is going to be some sort of effect on your health.

Or it may be as simple as that you have lost your bounce.

One of the biggest things I hear when I work with people when they first...

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