Alcohol and Business the Essential Mixer?

alcohol performance Oct 29, 2018

Times are changing.  Our workforce is more diverse than ever and is set to be even more so.  People are living longer and working longer.  Our new millennials and next generation workforce are looking for something very different than the traditional 9-5 old school working cultures.  They drink less and take less drugs than generations before them. 

This is a challenge for business owner’s and leaders to provide an environment that works for many different generations.

It’s a no brainer and I am sure any employer, manager or leader knows that when your employees are under the influence of anything it effects their performance.

It is estimated that 17 million working days are lost each year due to alcohol alone.

So why is it that something that causes us so many problems in our society is an acceptable part of doing business in some working environments?

Alcohol is a drug and if all drugs where re-classified today, alcohol would be a class A...

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Could your drinking be effecting your chances of promotion?

Is alcohol stopping you from getting that promotion?

At last count a study said that there are 8-14 million working days lost a year due to our alcohol use.  That equates to £7 billion due to lost productivity through unemployment and sickness.  Dont mix it a guide for employers.

That’s a crazy amount of money and days lost if you are an employer.

However it’s not surprising as we are a nation of drinkers. Approximately 9 million people drink over the recommended guidelines; that’s the population of London.

Some of us will remember a time (it may still be happening in some work places) when alcohol was a lubricant to business deals; a lunchtime meeting with wine, an early evening with scotch.  We like a drink and there is nothing wrong with that (in moderation), as long as it’s not causing you any problems.

Some questions for you.

·         Do you drink...

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