Matt Willis, Fighting Addiction.

addiction relapse May 18, 2023

Everyone is talking about the Matt Willis Documentary, Fighting Addiction.

I think it’s fab when people share their stuff so openly.  It provokes thought and discussion for many.

This morning I have already had some great discussions about different topics that have come up from the documentary.

There are a few key points I would like to address.


People, places, times, feelings, events that cause you to drink.  Anyone who has had a problem with drugs and alcohol will know exactly what I mean.  We all have triggers, learning about our triggers, mitigating the risk is part of the work.  We can’t know all of our triggers from the beginning, we know some; quite often we learn about them as we go on and this is ok.

Now where this gets important is when you’re drinking, or drug use has a significant impact on your life.  Things like your using is life threatening, the amount you use, the combination of using could cause overdose or...

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