Are you a Binge Drinker?

What is a Binge Anyway?

Technically a binge drinking session is when you consume anything from 6-8 units or more.

In simple terms, it’s when we drink a large amount of alcohol in a short space of time.

6-8 Units could be: 3 x 175ml glasses of wine = 6.9 units.

Or 4 pints of lager = 8 units

This depends on the strength of the lager and wine.  Also, the size of your wine glass.

It’s easier to think of a binge more in terms of drinking a lot in one go over a short period.  So, you go out and you get drunk within a couple of hours.  I think we all know whether we binge or not.

It’s the nights out that we can’t quite remember, when we spend the day after piecing together what happened.  The weekend spent feeling terrible: ill, sick, headache, bad stomach, embarrassed and eating way too much comfort food to get through the hangover.

Maybe these feelings even tip into feeling depressed and anxious into Monday and Tuesday.

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