What’s the One Thing You Can change, That Will Help You, Make a Difference to Your Drinking?

Top Tips from the Ladies. 

In the UK in November it’s alcohol awareness week. I have participated in this for about 10 years in some way. Basically, it’s a good chance to raise awareness of different issues relating to alcohol.

This year is all about change.

So I thought I would ask the ladies in the amazing Women who dont drink Facebook group - "What is one thing you have changed, that helped you, to reduce, take a break or stop drinking?"

This is what they said:


I changed my mindset from, this is too big a challenge, I can’t do it, to: I am going to try, really try.

I can honestly say that the Women Who Don’t Drink group has helped me immensely. When I get a craving, I login to women who don't drink and read posts of ladies going through the same experience, encouraging one and other to stay focused as to why we chose to stay AF.

My mindset definitely but that only changed when I accepted that this was MY problem and took full...

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Alcohol and Business the Essential Mixer?

alcohol performance Oct 29, 2018

Times are changing.  Our workforce is more diverse than ever and is set to be even more so.  People are living longer and working longer.  Our new millennials and next generation workforce are looking for something very different than the traditional 9-5 old school working cultures.  They drink less and take less drugs than generations before them. 

This is a challenge for business owner’s and leaders to provide an environment that works for many different generations.

It’s a no brainer and I am sure any employer, manager or leader knows that when your employees are under the influence of anything it effects their performance.

It is estimated that 17 million working days are lost each year due to alcohol alone.

So why is it that something that causes us so many problems in our society is an acceptable part of doing business in some working environments?

Alcohol is a drug and if all drugs where re-classified today, alcohol would be a class A...

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Could your drinking be effecting your chances of promotion?

Is alcohol stopping you from getting that promotion?

At last count a study said that there are 8-14 million working days lost a year due to our alcohol use.  That equates to £7 billion due to lost productivity through unemployment and sickness.

http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg240.pdf  Dont mix it a guide for employers.

That’s a crazy amount of money and days lost if you are an employer.

However it’s not surprising as we are a nation of drinkers. Approximately 9 million people drink over the recommended guidelines; that’s the population of London.

Some of us will remember a time (it may still be happening in some work places) when alcohol was a lubricant to business deals; a lunchtime meeting with wine, an early evening with scotch.  We like a drink and there is nothing wrong with that (in moderation), as long as it’s not causing you any problems.

Some questions for you.

·         Do you drink...

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From Alcohol to Saving the Planet.

peoples stories Aug 17, 2018
Where do I start....I know, from my first realisation that alcohol was not my friend...
I believe my Mum noticed my behaviour around alcohol well before I did when I was approx, 22 and downing from a bottle of vodka before I ran for the taxi to the club.......
Here I am 16 years later, very aware of my issues around alcohol and always looking for a way to stop.
Working full time and having a son to run around doesn’t stop me, although it does mean I wont drink and drive the next day for work or when I have to run my boy around, but lets face it that still leaves me at least 3/4 days where I can, as we call it “hang one on!”.
My worst memory is drinking in the evening, falling asleep, waking up on the sofa at 2am and carrying on drinking.... Boy is that a horrid feeling. Then pretending everything is ok as I wave my boy off to school on the bus and I look at my laptop blankly wondering how on earth I am going to get through that...
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How to Stop Worrying about Worrying. Tips for Anxiety

alcohol anxiety life Jul 12, 2018

Anxiety is something that comes up quite a bit in my line of work. Not for me personally. Well, obviously I experience some anxiety from time to time, because I am a human being. But it’s not debilitating or an issue for me.

It comes up in my groups and 1-1 coaching.

If anxiety is an issue, where alcohol and drugs are concerned; the first thing to do is to deal with the substance. Most drugs are going to make this worse and alcohol is no different.  A side effect of drinking alcohol is anxiety. We can also experience anxiety after drinking and if we withdraw from alcohol.

For the majority of people when they take a break from alcohol the anxiety will significantly reduce.  For some it will still be there.  But there are things you can to do to help. Don’t give up, try things and get yourself a tool box of stuff that works. Things that either give you a break from the anxiety or help you manage it.  Anxiety takes up a lot of energy and can be really...

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Top Tips from the Ladies.  

life May 28, 2018

When I want to know something, or need help, I google it and I ask my female friends.

When you get a group of women together there is a lot of wisdom there.  I am not being sexist, I am sure it’s the same if you had a group of men. 

I run a super supportive online community for women who want to change their relationship to alcohol.  So, I and the ladies have access to 2500 ladies with a wealth of knowledge and experience with life. 

Women from all walks of life, all over the world, different backgrounds and different struggles.

But we all come together to support each other to make healthier choices.  Because when we feel good everything else is easier and everyone else wins.  Our kids, our partners, our families, work colleague’s, friends and animals. It’s a win, win.

I recently asked them what their top tip for living was?

This is what they said:

  • Each morning I wake up and say today is going to be a great day, because I chose not...
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What to Drink When You Are Not Drinking, part 2.

alcohol free drinks May 07, 2018

We recently had the Ladies only Retreat, which by the way was amazing.  Like minded women, supporting each other to live the life of their dreams, what could be better.

The Lovely Dry Drinker sent us a box of different alcohol-free drinks to try.  Personally, I don’t know a lot about different alcohol-free drinks, when I started out, it was lime and soda all the way, or water.  But now it’s a very different story and Dry drinker seems to have great selection and something for everyone.

Now I know the 0.5% drinks cause a bit of controversy, but here is the thing, there can be 0.5% alcohol in orange juice, in a banana, its in Kombucha.  But its horses for courses, your body, your choice, if it doesn’t work for you, then don’t do it.  However, my experience is finding a good alcohol-free drink can really work for some people.

This is what the amazing Women Who Don’t Drink said about some of the drinks that dry drinker sent us,...

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Hooray for a Study that is Factual and Makes Sense.

alcohol facts Apr 19, 2018

 The day has finally come where we have a report that reflects what I have been seeing for quite some time.  I teach people how to stop drinking and I ran a very successful alcohol service for years so have had the privilege of working with some great researchers and trainers.

I know that alcohol is an issue, I have seen it, I also know it doesn’t take that much alcohol for there to be a problem.

However, for years now we have had this ridiculous thing where at least half of the information we have in the media and from some professionals, is incorrect. Like a cardiologist telling you it's ok for you to drink moderately after a heart attack.  Or your mental health worker telling you moderate drinking is ok if you have anxiety and depression and my all-time personal fave a midwife telling you it's ok to drink whilst pregnant.

There have been so many problems with this. First let's take the word moderate. This means different things to different people.  Then...

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Why Being Alcohol Free is Like a Long-Term Relationship.  

addiction alcohol life Apr 04, 2018

Hear me out.

I am sure you are thinking she isn’t even in a long-term relationship so how does she know. Well, my Mum and Dad were together for 50 years, until Dad died. Then I have a good number of female friends. Very close female friends actually; that have done it and are still doing it. As we all know, if you are in a long term committed relationship it’s a work in progress.  And I have noticed some correlations between living alcohol free and maintaining a relationship. 

When you are in a long-term relationship with someone, you don’t give up on them. Well you might feel like it, you might have down time. But you love them, so you understand, life isn’t always simple and straight forward and people definitely aren’t.  You practice patience, commitment and understanding.

You take the rough with the smooth. You know it isn’t always going to be moonlight, roses and hot sex (well it might be for some, of which I am very happy for...

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10 Rules for Living.

life Mar 07, 2018

I keep seeing these rules for living everywhere. I spend so much time teaching people how to live their lives once they have stopped drinking or using drugs that I thought I would compile my own list based on what I’ve seen working with 1000’s of people.

1.       Be nice: “It’s nice to be nice” is a favourite quote from one of my favourite people.  Its simple really. Be nice. It feels good for the person on the receiving end and yourself and it can make someone’s day.  It doesn’t cost anything to be nice.  Cover them with kindness, sprinkle that shit everywhere. 

2.       Don’t sweat the small stuff: Seriously if you can master this one your life will be so much easier and happier. About half of what you worry about, if not more, you really don’t need to.  Try this, if you were to die in 3 months what would you do? I bet 70% of what is on your to...

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